Entrepreneur David Baumgartner got a movement going - here he tells us how travelling changed his life.


»‘Move your Life’ – that’s a thought that plays an important part in my life. Just look at the concept behind dean&david. It came up in 2005 when I was ‘moving’ around the world after studying. Whether it was Burma, Australia or the USA – quick access to healthy food was available everywhere. I wanted that in Germany, too. When I came back to Munich to set up dean&david, I entered the two most challenging years of my life so far. The banks wouldn’t give me credit. I couldn’t find a property to rent. Did I have doubts? Every day. But I still put everything on one horse. Entering into a cooperation with a partner then put the funding in place. After one year, I opened the first location. At the beginning, I was involved in everything – from cutting the vegetables in the morning to sweeping the floor in the evening and working through the finances and staff schedules at night. Whether it was the design of each location, the music or our corporate identity, it was all my own work. We’re now in almost 50 locations in Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland. We’re about to open in the United Arab Emirates and Austria. Was it worth all the stress? You bet!«


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David Baumgartner is the founder of dean&david, currently the most successful healthy fast food chain in German-speaking countries. He recently opened a bar called Cole & Porter in Munich.




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