The life of singer, actress and model Eveline Hall is constantly moving. Here she will tell us why that is the case.

»If you want to conquer the world, there’s only one way: open the door, walk through, try it out. I’ve done that a number of times in my life. Planning had nothing to do with it. Why? Planning requires knowledge. I’ve always been more about impulse and intuition. Look at what happened in America. When I went to the Lido, it was purely a decision of the heart. At first I felt completely out of place. I’m a classic dancer and in Las Vegas it’s all about razzmatazz. I almost had the return ticket in my 

hand, then I stopped for a moment. Then I got really strong encouragement. Being patient, the events that happened, the lessons – it couldn’t have been better for me. For me, this experience was proof once again: if you have to make a decision, you should ask your heart. So far my heart always got it right. So for example, I’ve never drunk coffee. I’ve never really drunk alcohol apart from a good wine, and I’ve never smoked. They were also purely intuitive decisions. Especially because they hadn’t even 

put warnings on the packaging yet. In those days people smoked for the fun of it. Nobody even talked about cancer – they do now that it’s too late. But apart from avoiding crazy things like smoking, I’ve often changed. I’ve left my comfort zone more than once. I never wanted to become an old actress who gets given roles out of sympathy – who says “Lord, the horses are saddled!” You need a train standing on the siding. A train you can still hop onto and say, ‘I want to do something different again!’«  


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Eveline Hall (69) is one of the busiest models in Germany. Her catwalk career started only four years ago. Previously, Hall worked as a dancer, actress and singer throughout the world.


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