Ex-Football national player Jimmy Hartwig about resentments and what you can move, about pride and home love.

»We wanted to talk about movement so now you probably wonder why i sit comfotably in my chair. But i want to tell you something about this theme: Today i know it's important to keep moving- it's good for you. But moving others is even more important, because it has an impact on society. And in the process, we set something in motion, a change in society. Us footballers with dark skin colour have shown that Germany is our home.Today people are proud of athletes like Jérome Boateng and Mesut Özil. That wasn't always the case. As the second black player on the German national squad, I wasn't always welcome on the pitch. But i never walked away from insults like the N-word. I wanted to show them - and played even better as a result.I have always kept myself fit. No, actually i trained like a madman. Football was all I had. During my childhood in Offenbach, Germany, we lived in poverty, were part of the lower class. My mother often gave up meals so I wouldn't go hungry. And violence was a normal part of our youth culture. My professional football career let me play my way to a better life. Today i love Germany. My home is important to me. And i express that feeling through what i wear - I wear my lederhosen every day, whether I'm just doing the shopping, attending a gala or a match, or acting on the stage.«


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Jimmy Hartwig was the second black player on the German national squad. Today he is an actor and dedicates himself to integration. In Winter he supports the "Kältebus München", a charity that provides homeless people with food and clothes.


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