D1 & D2 by STEFAN DIEZ for WAGNER 2017



With the vision of the chair that moves the world, WAGNER has turned to Stefan Diez and found in him a designer who has understood from the outset that the joint development of the chair family D1 and D2 is much more than just about the design of a seating furniture collection. The central approach is „well-being“, which is only created for WAGNER when design and funktion are in harmony.

D1 and D2 by Stefan Diez is the consistent further development of the 3-dimensional movable Dondola® seat joint and takes it into the complete design language of the chair family. Through the new storage, another dimension of sitting was created so that we can already speak about seats in the 4th dimension.

A milestone in the history of WAGNER, designed by Diez. D1 & D2. Office Chair & Lounge Chair. Design that moves - movement that sits!

Together with the IMM 2017 the big exhibition FULL HOUSE – Design by Stefan Dietz started at the MAK (Museum of Applied Arts) in Cologne. For the first time you were able to see development processes, prototypes and masterpieces of a designer before the official roll out. From the first design approach, to the most important concept steps and the final product – this exhibition shows exclusive insights into his inspirational working method. Also the D1 and D2 collection is still a highlight at this exciting presentation and enhances the portfolio with exhibits from the development to the first prototype.

You can still visit the exhibition by 11.06.2017.


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In addition to its balanced proportions, on closer inspection, the chair presents a significant innovation.

There can hardly be a better option of uniting design and function in such a special way.

Hours pass. But design remains. Wellbeing while sitting on the W-2020 is endless.