Störtebeker Elbphilharmonie

A unique gastronomic location such as the Elbphilharmonie requires extraordinary interior equipment. The “Störtebeker Elbphilharmonie” therefore recruited the furniture manufacturer WAGNER LIVING as its exclusive furnishers.

Wagner´s beautifully designed seating range lands in the UK

London, 08 October:
Wagner, a traditional German chair brand that focuses on the well-being of people, brings colour to Clerkenwell with its feel-good design. Think of movement and health in unison. Through research and development they have created an excellent patented Dondola®-seat joint, that is present in every single Wagner chair.

W-table – Unique and Magnificent

A light, filigree optic and unique elegance - this is the W-Table by WAGNER

„Moving“ moments with WAGNER to the stadium opening of the Augsbuger Panther

For the first WAGNER will support a first league Ice hockey team in the season 2013/14, the Augsburger Panther. With WAGNER – the comfort brand of TOPSTAR Gmbh the Panthers have found a prominent partner. WAGNER, as one of the leading manufacturers for seat furniture, will from now on grace the shirt shoulders of the Panther players.

Movement on all levels - even high above the clouds of Hamburg

Equipping the new IN-restaurant "Clouds" in the dancing towers

WAGNER, the pioneer of the moving sitting, doesn't only move you in your office or in the conference, but now also new in restaurants! With the motto "Movement on all levels" WAGNER currently brings dynamics in various projects all over Germany, and particularly objects! With the architecture department we focus especially on architects. And it works!