Only a few more weeks until the international trade fair for office environments. D1 is ready in the starting blocks. The photo shooting and filming for the big 2019 campaign have been completed. The film production with Charles Schuhmann was taken on by the multi award-winning filmmaker Jan Reiff and his crew, while photographer Gerhardt Kellermann captured the imagery in the Pinakothek.

In search of the chair that would move the world, Charles Schuhmann roams the Pinakothek of modern-day Munich. Passing design icons, modern works of art and abstract paintings. In the curator’s room, he meets Stefan Diez, who is preparing the D1 Series for the museum. Together, they philosophise about design and what sitting means in life. Design must enrich people’s lives! The Dondola joint and Stefan Diez’ unique talent for design are the perfect combination to achieve this. A chair that moves the world.

At the moment, everything is being processed in post-production so that the big launch is perfectly prepared for October. In addition, the D1 Series has successfully passed the test for the European Standard EN1335. Now the field tests with 24 hours’ continuous use are beginning. Further tests for international standards will follow in the near future.
Series production will begin as planned, for Orgatec in October.

Just as planned, the first pre-series products in the D1 family are being put through their paces in our testing laboratory at the plant in Langenneufnach. The 4-dimensional movement of the revolutionary new Dondola mechanism in the D1 runs incredibly smoothly, without any noise. You'll be surprised: Sitting has never been such a pleasure for all senses.

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We turned to Stefan Diez with our vision of
a chair that will move the world.

Prof. Dr. Rainer Wagner, Peter Wagner


Stefan Diez - hardly anyone else is able to implement form and function in his unique designs as perfectly as him. He demonstrates his skills and know-how with the D1 Series, setting a new benchmark. The exhibition booth for IMM 2018 was also created by him and it will start a year full of highlights and milestones. D1 is arguably the most exciting project in the young history of the WAGNER brand. We look forward to keeping you up-to-date again today about current developments and further proceedings.




After some intensive development work by our builders, the D1 Dondola mechanism has now reached the series standard by almost 100%. At the moment, all load tests for the professional use of the D1 chair family are in keeping with the current standards of the national and international markets. In addition to these, there will be a variety of field tests with 24-hour use, in order to anticipate the highest possible loads in practice, and to be able to avoid any material exhaustion completely. Only after a successful completion of these tests, we will be able to speak of a quality product by WAGNER - made in Germany.

D1 Sitting in the 4th dimension.
Available from autumn 2018.