What persuaded you to take over the Deluxe Music TV channel a few years ago?

When the opportunity arose, I looked at the channel more closely and said: "That fit good. Let's try to make DELUXE MUSIC into a success. The channel is an asset for our portfolio. It's a good brand, a high quality product." I'm pleased it's so successful now.


"Music is the fastest shortcut to the heart" – a quote on your website. Does this refer to you, too?

Of course. Music probably touches and moves every person. Sometimes people listen to music incidentally. Sometimes people give it their full attention. Especially in the latter case, it can spark strong emotions. I take time as often as I can to listen to music - to be carried by it. 


You keep leaving your comfort zone – with great success – to make a complete change to TV channels so they can become established in the market. Why do you do that to yourself? What is it that drives you?

I always have to do something – create something. It's intrinsic to me and it drives me. I'm a creative person and I enjoy advancing things, taking them to the next level. 


What does change and continuity in the TV/media industry mean and how are these two topics linked respectively is there still some kind of continuity in this industry these days?

Yes. Continuity is very important. In relationships, too. In business as well as in one's personal life. The media industry is an industry of people, of their creativity, of their emotions, of their convictions and of their talent to implement stories. There are many people who have accompanied you for years and who you have been a companion to for a long time. You can trust them, and you have to. In my industry, we deal with things that cannot be judged easily in advance. 

In television, you often encounter the decision to undertake a project and run with it at a much earlier planning stage. It is always linked with trust in the person in charge.

I also believe that change is the basis for continuity. They go hand in hand. You can exaggerate and say: If you want everything to remain as it is, everything has to constantly change. If certain things are important to you, you constantly have to work on their environment. That is why it's important to me to join in and help to design and to develop.


Alexander Trauttmansdorff is the founder and CEO of HIGH VIEW, to which belongs, among others, the successful music channel DELUXE MUSIC. He is responsible for the group’s vision and its implementation.


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