The Elbphilharmonie is Hamburg's new landmark. With the Störtebeker being located in the concert hall, you have again set a new standard for your successful gastronomy concepts. How does the concept cope with the inherently spectacular location?

The Störtebeker Braumanufaktur of Stralsund – which is part of the renowned Nordmann-Gruppe – already signed the lease agreement for three properties at the Elbphilharmonie 12 years ago. The Stralsund-based company decided to join forces with the East Group and me as a strong operative partner. We mutually defined the topic matching this extraordinary location. The resulting concept entitled "Störtebeker Elbphilharmonie" will be opened in November 2016.

This concept is focussed on international cuisine with a highly Nordic influence, combined with the best brewery specialties, excellent culinary art and the most beautiful view across the harbour of Hamburg. The restaurant located on the 5th floor will offer 200 seats and a modern culinary interpretation of the Nordic way of life à la carte. The shop and tasting area on the 6th floor will offer specialty beers, i. e. 20 varieties on tap, as well as an exclusive gift assortment and numerous daily tasting events featuring qualified brewing trade sommeliers. The plaza on the 8th floor will provide guests with an unmatched view, complemented by refined cold and warm snacks to go.


What will the interior look like? Which particular wishes and/or plans did you have concerning the furnishing?

For me, furniture must perfectly match the overall gastronomy concept. This means that the furniture for the Störtebeker Elbphilharmonie had to relate to the brewing trade topic. Whether Hamburg citizens, tourists or concert visitors: the Störtebeker will offer a cosy place for everyone. This includes fancy textiles, premium leather, a lot of wood and warm tonalities, as well as an extra-long "Captain's Table" with Wagner chairs for hours of relaxed seating. I really appreciate the classical "1960" pub chair by Wagner, but we nonetheless changed the design to some extent, to match the concept, coming up with the "Custom" cup chair, complemented by the "W2010" bar stool. In addition to chairs, Wagner also delivered the padding for the circumferential benches and the tables. It goes without saying that the complete seating furniture is equipped with the integrated "Dondola" movement element.


How important is feeling comfortable for your gastronomy concept?

Very important! The seating furniture and tables for the Störtebeker Elbphilharmonie, the Cloud and the restaurant at the East were designed and manufactured by Wagner Living in cooperation with the Formwände design company from Lüneburg and/or Hassler Made, a Hamburg-based company. Wagner is a competent partner with excellent products and extensive experience, who individually designs or adapts furniture according to our request. Feeling comfortable is at the very heart of the Wagner brand identity. And it really shows. My guests' well-being is of utmost importance for me.


Your vision is: "To amaze our guests with strong commitment for affectionate and honest gastronomy"

Yes. I am totally passionate about my work. Identification with a company must come right from the heart. My work is driven by dedication because I love what I do. Dedication creates enthusiasm, which in turn creates enthusiasts. 


Christoph Strenger is the CEO of the East Group. He has been a highly successful inherent part of Hamburg’s trendy gastronomy and hotel scene (a. o. East Coast, Clouds) for many years now.



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