Luis Trenker has been a mountain guide, a ski instructor, an architect, an actor, a film director and a writer. He became popular in particular for his films about the Alps.
What is the fascination of Luis Trenker?

Luis Trenker was looking for the horizon beyond the mountain peaks. By coincidence he became a film star. He was rooted in his home region and recognized all over the world. In many ways his creation and his achievements are exemplary for me. I am motivated by his talent, his versatility, his creativity, his vigour, his joy of life and love of nature. Day by day. I was just about to bring new life to his brand. But then this brand brought me to life. 


What values are characterized by the brand LUIS TRENKER?

For me, Luis Trenker is the synonym for a generation with values, characterized by clarity, strength of character and straightness. Therefore our promise with Luis Trenker is: 100% inspiration, 100% movement, 100% love, 3905% South Tyrol, 100% Luis Trenker, 100% original, 100% quality, 100% partnership, 100% future, 100% responsibility and 100% thankfulness.


How important is 100% movement to you?

My main focus is to keep setting oneself new targets and keep moving constantly. Physically as well as mentally. To recognize and search different perspectives and possibilities of life. I will always remain curious. Curiosity is movement.


What motivates you to manage a non mainstream fashion label that stands out from the mass?

My vision is clear and I'm determined to follow my path to implement it. I am the global leader of the Alpine lifestyle and have no competitors. I – clearly – prefer to be the best in the niche where is nobody else, than one among thousands. I am an emotional person who makes intuitive decisions. My experience as a sportsman taught me to never give up and always pushes me forward.


How do you define the LUIS TRENKER style?

Luis Trenker has elements of our regional outfits, but no costume. Fashionable but not just fashion. Sporty but not just sports fashion. It is an Alpine lifestyle that I associate with my life as an inhabitant from South Tyrol. Living in the city and very close to the mountains, meadows and forests. A way of life that I simply meet everywhere and every day. Also with my idiosyncrasies: I own an old bicycle with which I proudly cycle around the town, because it is simply the coolest old bicycle. Style cannot be bought. You have to feel and recognise style.This style is based on Alpine lifestyle, and that's the DNA of the LUIS TRENKER brand.


You argue that you only reached 30% of your target. What are the other 70%?

I want to create a comprehensive world that represents the Alpine lifestyle even more. I dream of a store in the Fifth Avenue in New York. If someone would give me the capital and the trust for a store space there, I am convinced, we would attract attention. I dream of tours through the Dolomites in a LUIS TRENKER bus to an own LUIS TRENKER hotel. In summary: I would like to bring the Alpine lifestyle experience to the people. A good start now   is the special chair that we are designing together with Wagner. Without kitsch, but with clarity, strength of character and straightness.




Almost everybody know him, the mountain guide, the actor and the architect Luis Trenker. In the 1920s he was especially famous for his films and novels. LUIS TRENKER is known as a fashion label for 20 years and inspires individualists that live and cherish the alpine lifestyle. Michi Klemera is the face of the brand who brought the legend Luis Trenker of South Tyrol through a very special fashion style to life.



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