Sasha, you have be cited as saying that "Design is a journey in which no two routes are identical" – Where do you get your ideas?

I'm influenced by my journeys, nature and people. Each project presents unique challenges depending on the various requirements and wishes of the customer. The objectives are the same: finding intelligent solutions and maximizing space gain. And at the same time using natural light, natural materials and high quality furnishings and equipment is key. The final design should delight the customer day after day and convince him that he made the right choice. My goal is to inspire our everyday life.


Do you prefer to build from the bottom up or to renovate?

Of course it's nice to have a "black box" and to start from the beginning. It's easier to make a beautiful product out of it and you don't have to compromise. But existing buildings also have their own attraction. Designing means listening to the customer, letting the space in question speak to you, recognizing potential limitations and finding the best possible solution.


What is particularly important to you during the implementation?

The people and the lifestyle are paramount. I attach great importance to quality and materials. The design is less important, the sense of well-being is crucial.


Has the concept of good design changed in recent years?

Design is moving more and more toward nature and naturalness. And I think this is very good. It is not mainly about a design or a brand. Natural materials and authenticity are at the forefront. Design has become simpler. Colours, structures, materials and shapes play a big part. And functionality in every case! Ultimately, it's important that the design fits the space.


What do you consider good seating furniture?

Comfort – for sure. And then, of course, good design: a timeless shapes, high quality fabrics and harmonious colours. 
What do you need in general to feel good? I need a beautiful ambience. Light is very important, as well as natural materials such as wood.  And I need family, friends and good food.


What moves you?

The different stages of life. Each stage is different - depending on whether you are 20, 30 or 40. In each phase, you discover something new. You grow. One sees ideas from a completely different perspective. Things change Things are changed Things are constantly in flux Things aren't static but remain the same. You can look at a design piece or a situation at any time and ten years later it has changed. This permanent movement and this new perspective in life and as you age. That's what I find great about movement.


You have moved around a lot. You grew up in Australia, studied in London and now live in Germany.

What the world offers is endless and wonderful. There are so many new countries to which you can travel. There are so many interesting cultures. There are so many people that have a fantastic influence on me. That's life. That's the best.


Sasha Rossmann is an interior designer. She redesigns residential spaces – also for the TV programme “Dream House or Move Out” – and is also responsible for PAD Home Design products.

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