Wagner - Young brand with tradition

1976 is the birthyear of Apple. In this year other successful brands were also founded. While Steve Jobs and Stephen Wozniak build their first computer in a garage in Silicon Valley, Michael Wagner worked on the first office swivel chairs in his father’s small chair factory. In October he founded the company Topstar together with his wife Christina – and so laid the foundation stone for the begin of Wagner. In the meantime Michael Wagner and his three sons together with many engaged employees formed on of the most renowned office- and swivel chair manufacturer in Europe. With the experience of servicing many national and international markets, continuous congresses and furthering the education of their 520 employees, in-depth quality assurance measures and the continuous modernization of production and logistical processes the company became one of the most important manufacturers and trust worthiest partner in the market.

Locational advantage

That innovation and success have something to do with continuity is proven by Topstar and Wagner in Langenneufnach since now more than 60 years. Already in 1950 Moritz Wagner, the father of Michael Wagner, began producing wooden chairs industrially. On a production and store area of 100.000 meter office- and swivel chairs are produced. That quality and longevity are the top priorities of the company, can been in the Wager wooden chairs. These robust inn chairs are still present in many inn’s in the region. Locational advantage

Birth of the brand Wagner

The beginning of the millineum was also the beginning of the brand Wagner. 1999 the demand for High-end brands in the shops increased significantly. Topstar followed the trend with its new exclusive line, the Wagner-Wellness-Office-chair-collection, with highly ergonomic and incredibly functional products, in a unique way. Most important renewal of the Wagner chairs was the patented Dondola®-seat joint, that is present in every single Wagner chair.

Successful Concept

The most successful and loved modell by Wagner is the Alumedic series. This office swivel chair combines design, functionality and the Wellness-thought perfectly. The positive effects of the alumedic-chairs for the back are proven by a study conducted by the most renown and accepted European specialists in the field work- and social health.

Wellness as the trademark

Health, design and functionality are in the focus since the founding of Wagner. Every product and every innovation are driven by these mottos. It is a requirement to create products and concepts with highest innovational power so that aesthetic and ergonomics are harmonically connected.