Industry 4.0


Probably the first real-time-controlled production line for high-quality
seating furniture was created within just 12 months and is supported by
autonomously navigating small robot vehicles. The line went into operation at
the end of 2017 and has been running smoothly ever since. 

So the first steps into the future have been taken. Of course it will not
stay that way. In addition to the ongoing development of these elements, our
team is already working on the transfer of digital techniques to all production

More News: 

The design for the new WAGNER Design Lab combines architecture and design at the highest level. The limits of what is possible are redefined.

The Munich Creative Business Week is one of the most important weeks of the Munich business society. This year the MCBW is all about design and AmbienteDirect and Wagner Living are of course a must.

Starting with the FS 2019 collection, the visual language of the premium fashion brand STRENESSE will feature many pieces of furniture by seating expert WAGNER. The W-2020 chair and the associated bar stool are the first of their kind.