UCCON W-Mobile - The future begins now!


A slogan that has accompanied WAGNER for a long time. And in hardly any other industry is this as visible as in the automotive and engineering industry. Autonomous test vehicles already meet us every day on the road and there are test tracks all over Germany.
But autonomous driving brings with it even more than just suitable route networks. It is much more about how the driver, or actually the "user" spends his time there. With that, the interior suddenly comes to the fore much more, since one can use this gained time or gained lifetime quite differently. The space is getting less, housing shortages in big cities are getting bigger and bigger and therefore mobile rooms are becoming more and more important for society.
In order to make more efficient use of this space, humankind must rethink, find ideas and above all become active.
In China, people are already renting in metropolitan areas, cars and vans to meet because they have no room at home. That's the future!
And in order to solve these problems must be acted - and the NOW. Whether as a sleeping place for pleasant traveling or as a working space for companies.
Depending on the type of use, this new world offers an endless possibility of equipment and facilities.
A think tank cabin, a mobile game zone or the flexible conference room, all these rooms have one thing in common: the users have to be able to sit down. Lightweight, rotatable and flexible - these are all requirements that require sitting in autonomous driving.

Prof. Johann Tomforde, founder of Teamobility and former managing director of the development and production department of the modern automobile brand MCC / SMART, has recognized that autonomous driving of the future must be equipped with modern, highly movable seating.
In his market research, he came across the three-dimensional Dondola seat hinge and realized very early that behind the new D1 chair series
by WAGNER (designed by Stefan Diez) there is a great potential for such modern mobility concepts.
Therefore, it was obvious that Teamobility turned to WAGNER with its idea and vision, getting a professional in terms of dynamic sitting on board.
Together, they spent months researching and researching how to fit perfectly in the new mobile of the future.
And not only sits perfectly, but also feels perfectly comfortable thanks to DONDOLA - the three-dimensionally movable seat joint from WAGNER.
The result is a prototype for "new thinking", which was presented for the first time at the IAA Commercial Vehicles in September.
It communicates to the outside and it offers communication space inside. Whether advertising space on LED screens or communication with road users. Everything is already possible with current technology. It will probably take a few more years until we have tested these means of transport in the road and will use officially. But you have to look to the future to know which topics we need to put our energy into now.
With WAGNER Teamobility has a visionary partner at their side to shape the future together.

For WAGNER, the journey here in the interior equipment continues even further. Mobile conference rooms, stand-up meeting areas, think tanks and even mobile hospitality - the fantasy of autonomous locomotion will be endless! Experience the future on the Boulevard of Orgatec today and join our UCCON
W-MOBIL - powered by DONDOLA!

Move your life


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