Wagner X Bittner: It´s time to rethink production. 


The new pop-up store at Annastr. 16 in the heart of Augsburg shows the cooperation of two regional partners - Wagner Living X Bittner Einrichtungen.

The Pop Up Store is all about sustainability and shows once again that you don't have to do without sustainable products when it comes to design in the future. Quite the contrary.

From 06.05.2022 to 19.06.2022, Wagner and Bittner Einrichtungen will be presenting the innovative and "moving" D1 seating furniture by Stefan Diez, as well as the new D2 furniture system and the moving 3D printed 3D One stool.
All under the Pop Up Shop motto: It's time to rethink production.

Wagner stands for "well-being". Well-being comes from the interplay of design and function. This basic idea of sustainable products is anchored in every aspect of Wagner. Because one thing is certain, as always, when it comes to Wagner models: all WAGNER LIVING chairs are united by "moving seating". Because under the seat of all Wagner models, and especially in the D1 chair family, the "Dondola" element is integrated, which makes moving sitting possible.

Shifting and redefining boundaries. This is what the individual D2 furniture system made of aluminium or cardboard honeycomb panels stands for - a revolution in terms of sustainability and design.
Diez Office has developed a "connector" with which commercially available aluminium or cardboard honeycomb panels can be joined together to form shelves, tables and individual room solutions and used again and again. In this way, a real recycling of furniture is to be achieved.

Very innovative and very sustainable is the 3D One stool, which is individually created on site by 3D printers. The stool was developed in the WagnerDesignLab and is the first motion stool to be mass produced from the 3D printer!
A new and innovative manufacturing process whose materials are made from 100% renewable raw materials and which can be 100% recycled.
The convex curvature of the sole creates a unique sitting sensation. The ease of movement when seated provides the necessary dynamism for everyday working life and automatically strengthens the back and ensures an upright sitting position.

In this way, the professional office and living room design of Bittner Einrichtungen are brought into harmony with the D1, D2 and 3D One models from Wagner and stand for a time in which it is more important than ever to take care of our environment.

The sustainable future begins now.

More News: 

On the occasion of the 80th birthday of Michael WAGNER, son of the company founder, who has led the company to its current size over the last 45 years, the #wagnerdesignlab team has developed a new interpretation of the chair using WAGNER's patented Dondola® technology, which is invisibly installed between the bottom and top of the chair. As WAGNER for everyone, the product should be affordable and the highlight: from every chair sold, a considerable amount goes to the Michael WAGNER Stiftung Kinderlachen, which was founded 20 years ago on the occasion of Michael Wagner's 60th birthday.

Through minimalistic design made of aluminum and cardboard honeycomb panels, the parametric furniture system D2 by Stefan Diez already counts to the revolution of office equipment.

Sven von Boetticher has translated the classic work chair into the present with the „S1“ swivel chair for Wagner Living.