Dondola® - The best for your back! three-dimensional sitting of WAGNER

Wagner redefines Sitting.The main focus point of the office chairs from Wagner is the three-dimensional Dondola-Seat-mechanism. It decouples the rigid connection between the base and the seat and therefore induces small movements, which relieve the strain on the spinal cord and strenghten it. In 2006 a medical study with 74 participants already confirmed the healthy effects of using Wagner chairs. A more recent, this time conducted on a much larger scale, scientific study from the 2013 once again proves with impressive results: The Dondola-Seat-mechanism supports the health of the back lastingly.


Extractions from the final report of the study:

Participants: 1.462 seated employees from all over Germany

Split: 650 Women (50,2 %) / 646 Men (49,8 %)

Countercurrent: 1.296 Questionnaires

Test duration: 8 - 12 Weeks per candidate

Sutdy duration: January 2012 - October 2013



 _ Over 95 per cent of the participants found the Dondola-chair to be (very) comfortable and were (very) happy with it

 _ Over 84 per cent of the participants found their feeling of sitting to be more active

 _ Over 94 per cent of the participants would recommend the Dondola-chair / the brand WAGNER


_ Over 56 per cent of the test persons with back problems (745) felt a relief from their backpain (422)



Einzigartige Bewegungstechnologie unsichtbar über der Stuhlmechanik integriert. Sitzfläche inkl. Armlehnen bewegen sich dreidimensional und unterstützen dadurch die Rückengesundheit – wissenschaftlich bestätigt.


Die eingebaute Dondola-Technik entkoppelt die starre Verbindung zum Untergestell und sorgt dadurch für eine dreidimensionale Beweglichkeit des kompletten Stuhloberteils.

Dondola® +

Die integrierte Dondola Bewegung direkt in der Sitzfläche, sorgt unbegrenzt für permanente Mikrobewegungen der Wirbelsäule