W-2020 chair out

The W-2020 outdoor chair is absolutely robust and weatherproof due to the powder-coated tubular steel base. With up to 6 chairs, the outdoor version can also be stacked on top of each other to save space. In charcoal black, smokey white and muddy taupe, the W-2020 sets optical design highlights, and not only outdoor. In House gives the W-2020 Chair Out with its special choice of colours in each interior area its own design touch.

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Seat shell / Backrest

Plastic, Charcoal Black

Plastic, Muddy Taupe

Plastic, Smokey White

Sample order
The right cover makes a chair to your own personal seating. The color and feel of the material is very important for the first impression and the right choice, so we are happy to send you your individual fabric and leather samples. Just send us an e-mail or contact us by phone.
The classic chair in a new design, high-quality processing of best materials
Unique chair of its kind. The vulcanised Dondola® is the central connection between the seat and the sitting surface, ensuring three-dimensional movement during sitting
For outdoors we deliver metal chair legs
Embossed Dondola sign underneath the chair „The original “
Seat made of durable polyurethane hard foam, matching the colour of the chair legs
Stackable (6 chairs / Stack)
Rubberized stop-glides for soft and hard floors

Professional Tools