Sustainability Strategy

As a manufacturing company in Germany, WAGNER attaches a lot of importance to the environmentally friendly use of natural resources and to protection and conservation for following generations. The goal for the coming years is to communicate this objective to all participants throughout the supply chain and to establish measures for environmental protection.


Here you can download the complete sustainability report!

Sustainability Strategy


    In our upholstery department, we have not used adhesive with organic solvents since 2009. We exclusively use water-based dispersion adhesive. This prevents the emission of about 25 tonnes of organic solvents per year. As a manufacturing company in Germany, we attach a lot of importance to the environmentally friendly use of natural resources. That is why we obtain all of our electricity from certified CO2-neutral water power. Furthermore, we use certified natural bio-gas to heat our site. Thanks to these measures, and in combination with our photovoltaic system (peak output 1 megawatt), in 2013, we were able to get a negative CO2 balance for the first time. To protect our products from impact, we safeguard them using cardboard. The resulting paper waste of about 2,000 tonnes per year is turned into packaging cushions and used as packaging material. Waste paper is therefore given another product life cycle.


    We have an efficient system for strategic early detection. This system uses external indicators and a total of 50 additional internal key figures. The early detection of technology trends and the timely detection of economic and marketing developments therefore make our company more robust towards potential risk.


    Ergonomic design of the workplace is also essential for our employees’ health. We therefore installed numerous kinds of help that make processes easier and minimise physical strain on the employees. In addition, we always keep a look out for the latest technical advances to optimise production.


    We are working intensively on the digital future of production. We take up new technologies early in this area. However, we always consider our employees and the positive effects of this on their work, as well as profitability.


    Throughout our supply chain, too, we ensure compliance with working environment standards and those relating to remuneration of our subcontractors’ employees. As part of our BSCI membership (Business Social Compliance Initiative), we regularly carry out audits in third party countries. We protect and respect the personal rights and dignity of our employees and of all people associated with the company. Honesty and credibility in our words and deeds when dealing with employees and colleagues is always the mantra for our actions.