As early as Spring 2017, Wagner Living was the convincing brand, winning the GERMAN BRAND AWARD 2017. The products themselves also had an impact with the values “design”, “uniqueness” and “dynamism”. As the winner of the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2018 in the area of Furniture, the products W1960 and W3 were honoured, and in the area of Office Furniture, the W5. The W-Lounge Sound Chair was also awarded a Special Mention in the Furniture category.

WAGNER W-1960 — WINNER in the FURNITURE category
Moritz Wagner invented the WAGNER inn chair in 1949, which remains an absolute classic design today. Available in the colours pure white, pearl ruby red, chocolate brown, signal grey and black grey, it is a perfect match for any modern interior.

WAGNER W 3 — WINNER in the FURNITURE category
The W3 stool creates motion at both seated and standing workstations. Like high-tech trainers, the base adjusts perfectly to the surface and incline. The stool develops a unique movement behaviour and is extremely dynamic, yet very safe and stable. A winner in the world of sitting and standing at work!

The first office chair made of carbon was developed in collaboration with specialists from the carbon industry. The extra thin backrest brace is made from this extremely hard material and provides the W5 with its delicate and light appearance. High-tech in its most beautiful form. The integrated Dondola movement element creates motion while sitting.

WAGNER W-Lounge Sound — SPECIAL MENTION in the FURNITURE category
Relax and be fully immersed. A chair which impacts on the senses - with hearing, sight and touch. The Wagner W-Lounge Sound Chair with integrated sound system is a very special sound experience, thanks to state-of-the-art technology. The person who sits in the chair can experience satisfying sound quality from the speaker system integrated into the top section of the chair. Everyone else hears hardly anything. That is pure innovation! At the same time, the integrated Dondola seat joint ensures increased movement while you are sitting down.

More News: 

The design for the new WAGNER Design Lab combines architecture and design at the highest level. The limits of what is possible are redefined.

The Munich Creative Business Week is one of the most important weeks of the Munich business society. This year the MCBW is all about design and AmbienteDirect and Wagner Living are of course a must.

Starting with the FS 2019 collection, the visual language of the premium fashion brand STRENESSE will feature many pieces of furniture by seating expert WAGNER. The W-2020 chair and the associated bar stool are the first of their kind.