WAGNER – above the clouds of Hamburg: Equipping of "Clouds"







The new restaurant "Clouds" high above the sky in Hamburg has opened! As the worldwide first restaurant with moving seat furniture this new In-restaurant in the dancing towers has been equipped with our WAGNER W-Cube's, W1960, W2010, W-Table and W-Lounge furniture. Moving design for moving moments and relaxing evenings!




Equipping the new IN-restaurant "Clouds" in the dancing towers




WAGNER, the pioneer of the moving sitting, doesn't only move you in your office or in the conference, but now also new in restaurants! With the motto "Movement on all levels" WAGNER currently brings dynamics in various projects all over Germany, and particularly objects! With the architecture department we focus especially on architects. And it works!
The new world is inspiringly adopted and planners include WAGNER into their concepts. Since the beginning of the year the swivel chair specialist aims at this market and managed to very quickly establish their brand in the object business.








Movement above the clouds - in Hamburg’s highest restaurant




That these objects don't necessarily have to be office proves WAGNER now in the worldwide first restaurant with three-dimensional moving seat furniture. The „Clouds – Heavens’ Bar and Kitchen on the 23rd floor of the dancing towers in Hamburg is the latest highlight. The new star on the restaurant sky located directly at the Reeperbahn is completely equipped with seat furniture from the Bavarian movement artist. The restaurateurs Marc Ciunis and Christoph Strenger from Hamburg were able to make their dream come true: "Here we present a place in a location that can hardly be outdone".  Everything these two men have done so far has been success, which you can see at the East Hotel in St. Pauli and the Coast by East in Hamburg. The „Clouds" aims to become a similar unique location, where the customers can levitate and relax. And exactly this "Well-being" is what accounts for WAGNER. Having these similar aims is what brought them together and lead to this incredible project. Already a few months ago planning has started for which chair models would be suitable for this impressive object. But it became clear very quickly that „good seats" weren't enough for this place. It has to be more, it must be "moving" good seats! Of course that was no problem for WAGNER, thanks to the new Dondola®+ -technique! In this technology the normal Dondola®-Patent with a rubber-mechanism isn’t used, but rather a plus added to it, which stands for more! The cushion filled with air can be put into various seat opportunities, it doesn’t matter what it is! That is how it provides incredible movement in the cushion even in rigid seat furniture’s such as sofas or lounge elements. And this wonder cushion is also in the new Dondola®-edition, for the legendary W1960 Gastro-classic, as well as the bar chair W2010, and it is a real enrichment. More than 40 chairs of this kind are in in this new, literally high above all, restaurant In addition there 54 W-cubes and 40 lounges modules delivered and installed. But in Langenneufnach they don't only produce chair, since quite a while now there are tables by WAGNER. That is why over 40 tables were equipped with the fitting W-Table in the gastro edition. In the future up to 120 customers on 540 sq. metres can relax, eat and experience many moving moments on the German seat furniture by WAGNER.   A
WAGNER is on its way to become a complete interior furniture provider!








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